Brandon Steele, 34. I'm currently a fith year college student majoring in aerospace engineering. I absolutely love airplanes which is why I chose this major. Chances are, if we happen to be hanging out outdoors somewhere I'll be looking at towards the sky trying to identify planes as they pass overhead. Okay, so I'll admit, I'm a huge airplane dork. I enjoy being around people, especially my friends. I would say that my best quality is my consideration for others. The Golden Rule is huge with me. I'm extremely easy to get along with. I love to do hip-hop choreography, swim, and lift weights (props to P90x). Physical fitness is very important to me. I also love to cook and try to maintain a healthy diet. I play piano, cello, and sing (tenor). Playing music is how I express myself. Most importantly, I like to have fun and make the most of life while I'm still here on this Earth. I'm always up for going out to get some drinks or something, so if you're up for it, just shoot me a message. :-)

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