45. I am a native Memphian. Once upon a time, I worked on the road and saw alot of the U.S., but home is always home! I bartend at the Pumping Station and am a member of TSARUS one of our leather clubs. My hubs and I also help with one of the local gay-rags. I'm a cigar-smoking, beer swilling leather bear putting it out here to offer any assistance with prospective visitors to M-town and let them know what's happening when and where.

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  • DRUS Place Midtown, Memphis
  • Pumping Station Midtown, Memphis



    TSARUSDan reviewed DRUS Place Over a year ago
    Loves it

    We Love Our Ladies!!!
    I just want to let everyone know that these ladies are lovely and the bar is well worth the visit. Clean, friendly, good food, and Dru's is really making theirselves known as strong supporters of Memphis' gay community. Plus the shuttle service they provided along with Crossroads and the Pump was FUN!(Hell, it was ridiculous.)