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    Be warned, this establishment takes on new hires for security claiming that their time labored is AUDITION TIME. In speaking with the labor commission today, they stated outright that is illegal and wages must be paid. If you are considering working for this bar as a bartender, cook, and most especially, one of the more dangerous, they will rip you off for a night or two of free labor. Russ and Tony need to learn better management and etiquette. They must be using the pay they are withholding for their drug habits, read another review left by Edward Sanchez... My friend worked two nights, was told the first night he would be paid, but that it was an audition , not a guarantee for a job, he was called back a second night and now, Russ the owner and Tony the manager are refusing to pay him. #FREEZONE If my friend is not paid we will establish a legal protest, anyone else ripped off by this place is welcome to join.