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  • San Vicente Bungalows West Hollywood, West Hollywood
  • SydneyBoy
    SydneyBoy reviewed San Vicente Bungalows Over a year ago
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    I have stayed in this resort for about 5-6 times in the past 2 years. Each time when I return there, I would hope the never ending renovation would end. Instead of lifting the place, the renovation tears the place apart. There is no phone in the rooms any more, furniture is getting less & basic, yet they charge you top $. It is supposed to be a gay clothing optional resort, but women can be seen everywhere, leaving no privacy for the tenants. More than once, the place was rented out to shoot pornos, with actor & actresses "acting" in public, how intrusive! This place is so run down that I have decided not to return there any more. Save your $ & spend it on the Ramada Weho.