Amsterdam, Netherlands
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  • Sidetrack Boystown, Chicago
  • Second Story Bar River North, Chicago
  • Sameplace Westerpark, Amsterdam
  • TOM's Leather Bar Colonia Condesa, Mexico City
  • Berghain Friedrichshain , Berlin
  • Amigo Sauna City Center (Indre By), Copenhagen


  • SuperFluffer
    SuperFluffer reviewed Amigo Sauna Over a year ago
    Hates it

    My first and maybe last time.
    What a old and neglected place! It smells, filthy carpet(s) on the floor, no working steam room till the evening hours, no music. And very quiet, but hey... it was Tuesday afternoon; can't expect it to be busy. Probably it's busier during the weekend(s) and are the many dark sleazy (nice!) cruising areas used. I might try that another time. As a sauna it sucks, but as a fuck place it could be nice.. on a weekend day/night!

  • SuperFluffer
    SuperFluffer reviewed TOM's Leather Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Casual, relaxed and entertaining.
    Great bar! Most strippers are sexy and some interact (a bit) with the audience: Thanks for the crotch in my face!! :p :)) If you like a more mature crowd and not all those young fashion victims who all share the same hair dresser, this is your place to go.

  • SuperFluffer
    SuperFluffer reviewed Sameplace Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Gay on Monday
    Only Monday evenings are 100% gay. Naked or underwear.