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  • Gigi's Warrendale, Detroit


  • SupaSteve
    SupaSteve reviewed Gigi's Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Best on Mondays, then on Fridays....
    This is a VERY diverse nightclub that prides itself on being diverse as well as a "staple" in the gay community for YEARS. The decor is actually updated frequently, they paint the interior about every couple of years and try to throw a lot of different "themed" parties there. They have go-go dancers and have a lot of friendly bar-tenders, although they can appear to be indifferent, but when they are busy, they are BUSY, they aren't trying to look unhappy. They pour a STRONG drink, especially UPSTAIRS on the LEFT side. Drinks are very reasonable. Cover is 5.00 18+. They do 2 different drag shows and 2 "go-go dancer" sessions. You may dance on the dance floor before, between, and after those performances. Personally, I don't like drag shows or go-go dancers, so sometimes I don't go till around 1 am (haha) so I can just walk in, get a drink, slam it, and then the dance floor is free to dance at. The area is actually borderline "scary" becuase of the "ghetto" apartment complex that is located near the bar. It borderlines the completely Arabic city of Dearborn. (look it up at your own discretion). I would suggest parking inside valet, in the Park-yourself area inside the fence, or somewhere very close to the building or where you see others parking (try to follow a crowd in and out...although I have never had a bad experience here I have heard of a couple) You should probably take someone with you to feel more comfortable because of the diverse crowd it can seem to be a little "click-ish" and if you are stuck-up or rude, don't expect to throw your attitude around becuase being in Detroit, one of these other "queens" or "ghetto" people will be quick to put you in check. Monday is the best (if interested in dancing guys/girls/lesbians/gays/black/white/hispanic/latin/arabic upstairs and downstairs are open) on Fridays, the same type of crowd, but only the upstairs is open. Saturdays, I have never been but heard it is for the audiences that prefers drag shows, so you decide what night to go there :) You can definitely LET LOOSE here and be yourself because no one will really judge you here.

  • SupaSteve
    SupaSteve reviewed Club Gold Coast Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Darker atmosphere makes you feel comfortable
    While some may find upon first entering that this is not really a dance club, it is definitely a place to go if you like to see strippers. They have two sides to the club. The "entrance-side" is darker and looks a little bit older in style but the crowd is very different from night to night. All-in-all, the excitement of this place is that you never know what to expect when you walk in. The drinks are reasonable becuase most of the bartenders know how to be courteous and how to make drinks that you feel are "good for the money." This isn't a bar to take people to "impress" so to speak, but it serves its purpose, something different in the line of "bars/clubs," because they do have a dance-floor, it's just a matter of how many people get out there and dance to the songs. Best night is Tuesday followed by Sundays. Cover is cheap. 18 and up. Dangerous area I might add, probably better to valet than to park if you're not familiar with this area. :)