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  • Antropology El Centro, Puerto Vallarta


  • SundanceJack
    SundanceJack reviewed Antropology Over a year ago
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    "This place was fun on the weekend, but during the week you get much more attention, much more touchy feely :), for less $$." 20 pesos is to much for you to tip? That like a $1.75 USD. I have never had a problem and we go about two or three times a month since we moved here in April. I have never felt like I am being hustled and I get to touch and feel without going upstairs. I have been asked to go upstairs for $500 pesos and have. I have even been asked out on a date by a dancer for no $$. Now, Swinging Richards in Atlanta is a hustle and money pit bar where you do have to pay for anything and everything. Most the dancers and staff at Antropology are nice and friendly.