Bryan Kimpton, 32M. Stuck in this economically fucked up country, trying to find a way to survive by any means necessary. I'm gay, I'm out, and I'm proud so deal with it. It's gonna take a lot more than a gang of haters and bible-humping assholes to take me out. I have an ego that's slowly trying to take over my mentality, which I'm trying to fight off. I like going out to the clubs and bars, I love to dance and meet people. I'm part of a group called the San Diego Club Kids (What is a club kid you ask? Look it up cause I'm tired of having to explain it to everybody). When I'm not out clubbing or bar hopping I'm at the mall, beach, the movies, or at home playing PS3; usually with friends. I'm also pretty good with a gun; however, the law prohibits me from owning one.......

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