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  • SomeItalianGuy
    SomeItalianGuy reviewed Minibar Ultra Lounge & Cafe Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Are you serious???
    If you think Paris Hilton and her antics are 'cute' then this is your place. If not...I will go into detail so consider this a warning. Been there 3X...every time was so crowded (fire code violation??) it was difficult to lift the beer to my know, the beer it took 45 minutes to get because the bartenders were so slammed with thirsty plastics. Now here comes the "don't hate the beautiful' slam: the attitude was SO over the top, it was like these people were filming for a reality TV show. Seriously...I did not know people actually acted like this in public (or private for that matter). From a sociological standpoint its fun. To their credit the music is good and the drinks were strong.