73M. L.A. native, big ol' guy (6'2", 260), love to travel, eat (obviously), drink. Still working (because I enjoy it, mostly) but thinking about retirement - or at least cutting back. Love beaches and am a pretty decent bodysurfer (I grew up at the beach - an L.A. suburb). I usually hit the men's (leather, bears, etc.) bars when I travel, but am not into any of those genres as a "lifestyle" - in spite of my name here. Definitely a 501s or shorts, t-shirt, flip-flops kind of guy - although I clean up pretty well when I have to. I work out 3x/week when I'm home, but don't usually bother when I travel. Got some muscle, but a significant gut, too - hence my name here. The "SlvrLk" part of my name is about the fact that I live in the SilverLake area of Los Angeles. The "DadBear" part is more of a physical description than a mindset.

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  • SlvrLkDadBear
    SlvrLkDadBear reviewed Toro Salao' Over a year ago
    Loves it

    More than Tapas, too
    Had lunch here outside in the sidewalk cafe area and it was great. Was here late afternoon and they offered either the lunch or dinner menu, both of which had tapas and full plate meals. The service was pretty good - they were very friendly and attentive. Great place to relax over food and a drink after wandering around Old San Juan all day.

  • SlvrLkDadBear
    SlvrLkDadBear reviewed SX Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Kind of Fun
    As previously stated, not really a leather bar like any other Eagle I've been to, but definitely more masculine guys than the other bar (Siempre) I went to in Condado. All around, a pretty attractive crowd and friendly bartenders. I was the far and away the oldest person there, but didn't feel out of place. I'd go back.