Mark Scammell, 55M. Just your average next door kinda guy. Open for friendship and fun sharing past and future experiences. Can be laid back or out kicking up my heels.

Sacramento, California
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  • Faces Midtown, Sacramento
  • Mercantile Saloon (The Merc) Midtown, Sacramento
  • The Bolt Del Paso Heights, Sacramento
  • The Depot Midtown, Sacramento
  • Badlands Midtown, Sacramento



  • SkisNBeer
    SkisNBeer reviewed Mercantile Saloon (The Merc) Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Cock-tails anyone?
    If your planning on drinking downtown .. start at the Merc .. it will save you a few bucks as they are the strongest around!

  • SkisNBeer
    SkisNBeer reviewed The Bolt Over a year ago
    Loves it

    My Favorite in Sac!
    Mainly men! Its rare to see more than one or two ladies. Even less rare to see anything in drag! Pool table, darts, outdoor sand volleyball and horse shoes!