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  • Bike Stop Washington Square West, Philadelphia
  • Pecs Bar North Park, San Diego
  • San Diego Eagle North Park, San Diego
  • Baja Betty's Hillcrest, San Diego


  • SirTimSD
    SirTimSD reviewed Bike Stop Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Fun and fetishy
    I was in Philly for vacation and decided to check out the local leather bar. I went here twice - on a Tuesday and a Thursday. Tuesday was very slow, with only the main bar open. The bartender was friendly, and I met one local guy who was fun. Wednesday was better - it was underwear night. I checked out the upstairs, which is more of a quiet, sports bar vibe. I never made it downstairs, which is supposed to be where more of the fun happens, but there were a lot of guys in their underwear in the main bar (which I didn't expect - I though that only happened downstairs). Overall, this was a fun place - probably more fun on the weekends. Try it, if you're in Philly. I think you'll have fun!