51M. Let`s talk!? I really enjoy people. I am a 38 year old New Orleans born and raised cajun boy, now living in Covington. I enjoy most all outdoor stuff. Hiking, camping (w/ the right people), swimming, volleyball, shopping, gardening, walks, sitting on the porch, going to parks and museums, cooking, Tv and movies too as well as family and friends. I am very much a monogamous type guy who knows the value of sharing life with his partner. I was married (in my heart) for 11 years to a man that I loved very much. We were loyal and true to each other. In February 2002 he died from cancer/Aids. This was the darkest day of my life, and the pain was beyond words. I have dealt with this, and now am moving on. I know what love is and how much better life is with another by your side to share it with. To sit and watch a good Movie, or go for a swim, or just sit on the porch holding hands listening to nature all around you, or play footsie under the table while you eat dinner...its all good. I know many gay men do not believe two men can truly love each other, but I am here to say they are wrong. I had that once and know it is real. True love is an attainable goal and I know it's out there. A relationship is work, and it takes two to make it work. You have to be open to each other and love has to be the foundation upon which you build your lives together. Communication, trust, honesty, understanding, caring, give-n-take are all part of it as well as never keep anything from the other. I`m looking for a quality man who is ready to walk through life with his partner at his side. Facing all that life may throw our way. Just remember, it takes a man to "take a man". My friends mean the world to me!!! My bearcode is: B0 d+c-v e f+ g k q r s-- t w

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