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  • Round-Up Saloon Oaklawn, Dallas
  • Club Stallions Out of Town, Dallas
  • The Anvil Central Phoenix, Phoenix
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    As an out-of-towner, this is the perfect bar for me. Be advised though that the crowds are very small during the week, but I was fortunate to have to stay over until Saturday so I was able to go out Friday. There was a nice crowd and dancers (all be it I had seen them the night before at another bar) who really showed no energy or interest in really entertaining the crowd. They appeared to be mostly interested in soliciting patrons for private lap dances. I guess they were tired from the night before, as they were much more entergetic at the other place. This bar has just the right amount of sleeze for me. Within 15 minutes of my arrival this really hot Mexican guy was eyeing my crotch. Within another 15 we were heading to my hotel. The staff is extremely friendly. When I called earlier in the day for information the guy I spoke with was professional and sincerely appeared to want me to check the bar out. The bar is clean and the low lighting allows you to stand in the background and check out the crowd without being so obvious. Good luck for me that I have three weeks I have to be in Phoenix for work. Check this out, I think you will like it.