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  • SexyBoy213
    SexyBoy213 reviewed Midtowne Spa Over a year ago
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    Best place for good fun
    Like another poster, I too made an account to share my awesome experience with this facility. I was a bathhouse virgin when I came to Midtowne. From the outside it looks like a factory but once you step inside, its amazing. I went on a Tuesday night which are the most popular days to go but I hear weekends are just as popular. The facility: The place was decently clean and I never felt grossed out or disgusted at anything. From the showers to the pool to the rooms, everything was descent. I would recommend bringing your own sandals. To be honest, I didn’t have a chance to explore the basement, the rooftop, or the exhibitionist room because I got preoccupied within the first 15 minutes I was there ;) I really like how each floor has a bathroom with a private shower. The lighting was perfect and the music was hot hot hot! No action going on in the steam or sauna rooms. Sex is usually in the rooms upstairs. The Clientele. On the Tuesday I was there, it was a fairly even mix. A lot of whites, blacks, lationos, and Philippinos. The age ranges were a mix. I thought the majority of the clientele were going to be an older, grey crowd but WOW, I was really shocked. A very fair distribution of all ages. A lot of very attractive men and a lot of not attractive men. The one thing that sealed the deal was just how open and non-aggressive everyone was. Everyone. I never felt scared or violated. If an ugly older dude with a cane comes and gropes you, you can just brush him off with your hand and he wont come back. A lot of sexy college dudes and hot daddies everywhere. The uglies were in the minority. The Bad: Allright. Nothing in life is perfect. The ONLY complaints I have is that they should have clean towels on every floor so guys don’t have to trek all the way to the first floor for new towels. Also, I don’t think the club does enough to promote safe sex. They give you one condom when you walk in and insist you buy your own lube. IN CONCLUSION, I fell in love with this place because it’s discreet, the mix of sexy men, the friendliness of the patrons, and just the general fun time I had here. Will I come back? Of course, but only on Tuesdays or Weekends. Like I said, it’s a really fun place with a ton of hot people to choose from. I would pick Midtowne over Grindr any day.