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    Horrible Security
    Withnessed something completely horrific this past Saturday. After the United Airlines incident, you'd think security guards going on a power trip would be better controlled but no. I was upstairs when I withnessed this brown security guard walk up on a power trip and push everyone out of his ways (because asking politely to move in a crowded club is too much clearly), tells a group (near another group of a birthday/bachelorette party) to get off the chairs near the bar then him push the chairs roughly to one side like a child going on a temper tantrum. One of the girls moved the chair an inch to sit on it and he comes back yelling at them to antagonize them and later kicks them out. As I walk down the stairs, I see three guards manhandle one girl....THREE MEN ON ONE WOMAN with the brown guy grinning, waving and saying "bye bye bitch" which I clearly heard as I passed the commotion. When I asked the bruised girl outside what happened, she told me that the guard claimed she spilled a drink on her when she wasn't drinking nor had a drink in her hand since she was driving and asked management to view the camera footage upstairs. On the stairs, the guard asked her to move and she said that she's waiting for her girlfriend that was walking down the stairs and they manhandled her. She said if she wanted to create trouble, wouldn't she resist leaving from upstairs itself, why on the stairs would she do anything other than make sure her girlfriend could find her. Apparently the head of security was no better, all he kept saying was "am head of security". Great, you earn $5 more than the rest of the guards and can't manage your own team responsibily, who would take you seriously? This is not the first time I've withnessed the same brown security guard go on a power trip. It's as if he hates women that are lesbians because it bruises his ego. Let's face it, with the way he is or looks, lesbian or not, none of that was attractive or legal in my views. I hope he is charged and that management takes this seriously. Far too many people get hurt with guards going on a power trip. Reading the many reviews, there are multiple reviews on how rude the guards are. There was an article that came out on news about how a guy that has Tourette's was assumed he was on drugs and simply kicked out without being questioned nor hearing him about his reasons. Later on management took responsibility for that. How many times is management going to suffer on such stupid incidents by the guards. Either train your guards well, send them for emotional intelligence classes or fire them. But such behaviour is just inappropriate and illegal in many ways. It's going to make me rethink ever going back. Just horrific and I feel bad for that girl.