53M. Senior Business and Management Consultant and Project Manager still in the Information Technology business with an educational background in clinical psychology - been shrinking networks, servers and stubborn system environments since 1988. Been living in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, for 24 years happily partnered for 23 years (Gee time flies). Not really the most sportive one, however still pretty good in shape (BMI 21.97 OK OK say 22). Gave up the idea I'll ever have a wash board stomach years ago and started to invest the monthly gym fee in good food, good wine and travel. Used to travel a lot on business mostly in Europe but also to the US, Mexico and to Japan lately. Spent my summer holidays 2009 in Chile - my first trip beneath the equator. Still a frantic shoe shopper - they call me "the male Imelda Marcos" and I do judge a man by his footwear :) Well, enough of the revelations - you got questions you better ask them in a message.

Frankfurt, Germany
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  • Bambusa Bar & Grill Naples
  • Sandwich1964m
    Sandwich1964m reviewed Bambusa Bar & Grill Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Retro and very 70ies-ish
    Well, I admit it.. I have never been a fan of the gay bar scene and my visit to Bambose just re-inforced this. As a European internationally well travelled business man/tourist this bar stroke me as a relict from the gay movements day when gay people had to retreat into their ghettos to live a moment of freedom. Bambosa is certainly a friendly place who belong in the inner circle. It is a private club of the elder Naples gay community...