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  • Harbor Room Walkers Point, Milwaukee


    SMTOGETHER reviewed Harbor Room Over a year ago
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    What a waste of time this place is!
    This was our first trip to Wisconsin; while in Milwaukee we looked up the local gay bars on-line. As the Harbor Room received many stars and good reviews we went this past Saturday. The bar is in an old building - one of the few left on the East end of this street. As we wondered how safe it was to park our rental car we saw some older guys depart the bar. As we walked in we felt like stepping back in times assuming that leather bars in the 1970s had this kind of decor. Everything felt old and in serious need of some updating. Almost all chairs at the bar were taken by older gentlemen who seem to frequent this place all the time. We found two seats at the end of the bar and after finally receiving "attention" from the barkeep we ordered two drinks. The bartender quickly turned out to be unfriendly, disinterested to serve us and unskilled to deal with new customers. We asked him if we could start a tab and pay with credit card only to be informed that the minimum on credit cards is $20.00. Are you kidding me? We then asked if they had an ATM and he replied: "We are the ATM" explaining that the transaction fee would be $4.00 and the minimum charge would be $50.00. What a scam! Looking around at other patrons I wondered how many of them even had $50.00 available on their bank account and that this scheme was clearly aimed at tourists/ new people. After our one and only round of drinks we paid up (in cash of course). This place nor the bartenders deserve even one star on any rating. This place must have seen better times many many moons ago. If you are looking for a place to go in Milwaukee we suggest you keep up your Google search for a better alternative to spend your money when visiting Milwaukee.