Bonnie Gehrig, 51F. I became involved with SAVE THE TATAS in 2003. It all got started when a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and a few of us wanted to do something to help her. The first event was held @ Blazers pub in the short north. This event was a head shaving with raiseing about $250.00. Since then the event has grown to two events each year one being the head shaving event which takes place in the fall and a auction that is held in May. This year we raised $7,328.00 next year we hope to reach the $10,00.00 mark and with the help of all of our generous community I believe we will make it happen.

Columbus, Ohio
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  • Lipstick Lounge East Nashville, Nashville
  • O'Connor's Club 20 University District, Columbus


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    friendly lil bar
    This bar is a small bar but the crowd that comes here knows how to party !! If you want to shoot pool,throw darts,sing a lil kareoke, dance or just hangout on their nice comfy patio(which by the way is the warmest patio in the winter I have ever been on)!! Great place to meet people and make friends