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  • Campus The Village/Le Village, Montreal
  • The Saloon Downtown Minneapolis, Minneapolis
  • The Scorpio Charlotte
  • Chasers Plaza Midwood, Charlotte
  • Steamworks Gay Village, Toronto
  • Rycke
    Rycke reviewed Campus Over a year ago
    Loves it

    I love this place
    If you like twinks...come early...before 9p....they are cute...buff....hard...and anything goes for a pittance.

  • Rycke
    Rycke reviewed The Scorpio Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Another Charlotte Institution
    I returned to Charlotte after 3 years in Florida and found this is the only gay dance club left...ugh....but Charlotte is lucky to have it....Free Beer on Wed and Friday brings in the young crowd along with the drag show on Sunday....If you like to hang out with 18-30 year olds, this is the only place to be....great eye candy and sometimes more than just for the eye...:)

  • Rycke
    Rycke reviewed Chasers Over a year ago
    Loves it

    A Charlotte Institution
    Chasers is a gay institution in Charlotte (same owner as Scorpios)...it's seen every version of the gay world with trends coming and going and it has survived....The strippers keep people coming...but the prudish Charlotte laws have cut back on the skin showing....just speedo type briefs....In the past it was skinny g-strings..but not now....there are always cute twinks...and a few muscle boys...The strippers are super friendly...and always looking to give a HOT private dance..which is worth it....There's a diverse Charlotte crowd of young and old....It's a fun...easy going venue....something is going on there every night--tues-sat.

  • Rycke
    Rycke reviewed The Saloon Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Not to Miss !!
    I loved this place. Went on Sunday night, pretty early..like around 10p.... only two dancers, but one was cute as hell...looked like a UMinn freshman...I tipped him a couple of times, not know what was coming later.....the shower show is great...the dancers lead off totally naked in the shower with semi-hards...looking great...made my day to see the cute twink dancer totally nude and wet....then a few patron get in the shower naked...all fun....this place has a little of everything....3 great bars...a hamburger stand....huge dance floor and naked twinks....what more could you want...!!

  • Rycke
    Rycke reviewed Steamworks Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Ok...Not my Kind of Place tho
    Steamworks is a gorgeous facility in the 'Primo' spot in all Toronto... The wet area is magnificent but flawed...shower area too small....steam room too small and hard to get things going in...and same with the Sauna....The dark areas are way too dark...I like to be able to see a little something of what I'm touching or what is touching me....and the balconey oral area is confusing and doesn't have a good flow....All this leads to a lot of wandering around...losing people....and getting frustrated....I won't go back...but if you like high tech spas..this might be your thing.

  • Rycke
    Rycke reviewed Spa Excess Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Unpretentious and Fun
    I went down to the shower area which was perfectly laid out. The showers look into the steam room and the sauna and whirlpool are right adjoining. Therefore, it is easy to see everyone coming and going. Anyone there pretty much comes in and out of this area eventually. I sat next to a couple of good looking 40yo's in the sauna and played around a little. Then in the shower, a good looking brazilian took a liking and we started playing right there in the shower. This lead to the sauna, then the whirlpool...and was hot and fun. I was ready to leave, but tried to find my 20yo bottom boy again. He answered his phone and I found him in a room with another guy. He looked like a 'boy-next-door' twink who couldn't resist getting fucked. The guy he was with was good looking and very fit, but not my type at all. The were having a party and wanted me to stay, but I thought better and decided to leave. Nonetheless, I'd say that Xcess is a good spa venue...very unpretentious...not a lot of attitude, and plenty of guys of all types looking for action and easy to find.

  • Rycke
    Rycke reviewed Goodhandy's Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Fun and Unexpected
    I always like new venues. I've been to toronto many times. It's not as great for gay activity as Montreal (not many places are) but there are a lot of choices. I decided to try out GoodHandy's because it was new and Toronto needs something a little looser and sexier. In deed it fits that bill!! I'm older (over 40) and I like to be around young guys, especially if they are naked...I went to GoodHandy's on a Saturday night thinking it was a sex club....Well, it might be on some nights, but not on Saturday night. But it was a great mix of sex and hot boys along with a lot of guys my age. So I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. The sex is mainly from the paid dancers, although it seems that a few unpaid hot boys get on the stage or the 'barrel' to show off with their pants dropped down and jerking off their cocks. Two blond twins were the feature attraction on this night and they were exactly my type....20's, cute, slender, twinkish, and totally uninhibited. They started dancing on stands next to the bar wearing mini-briefs. I wasn't expecting much more than this, but boy was I wrong. Another guy about 25yo with a nice body and a huge cock (8" or so) got on a barrel next to the stage and dropped down to a jock strap...The twins took a break and in about 20 minutes, they came out on stage completely naked. This would have been enough !!!....This lasted about a half hour...then another break. The second show started about 1:30 am and was the main event. Two cute boys and Then the twins joined them totally naked. all very hot to watch from 3 feet away. I loved it. Lasted about 45 minutes. After that, the twins left...but a few other cute boys joined on the stage and a lot more . Funny thing is, the audience couldn't really join in (except for private dances)...but the audience was hot too...a lot of cute 20 and 30 yo's...dancing, watching, oogling. Anyway....I had a great time. Got to meet the twins later....and left totally satisfied. It's a dive...but a HOT dive...LOL