Las Vegas, Nevada
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  • Las Vegas Eagle Southeast, Las Vegas
  • Mercantile Saloon (The Merc) Midtown, Sacramento


  • RunningNV
    RunningNV reviewed Mercantile Saloon (The Merc) Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Friendly Place
    Great place to socialize and get a great cocktail that not far from downtown. They have a covered smoking area OUTSIDE the main building where the smokers and most of the non-smoking customers hang out. I never noticed smoke inside. No dance floor, no loud music but lots of conversation.

  • RunningNV
    RunningNV reviewed Las Vegas Eagle Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Wednesday Night's Left-Overs
    Been there a few times on Wed night. Seems like a lot of guys that didn't get laid over the week-end are out wearing underwear hoping someone one will tell them they are good looking. A lot of bars have underwear night but it's always the men you don't want to see in underwear that strip down. Fri & Sat nights are the times to be there but it's NOT an Eagle, it's a Levi bar with great dance floors.