Richard Maloney, 39M. Hello everyone! I'm from Stratford, Ontario, the gayest small town in Canada. Stratford is not a gay clubbing paradise, that is for sure. It is a sophisticated gay-friendly small town, filled with culture and a lot of gay owned/operated small businesses. Of course, Stratford is home to some of Canada's top cultural attractions, such as Stratford Shakespeare Festival, as well as Stratford Summer Music festival. There is also a newly develeped Pride Weekend that happened for a first this past 0ctober, 2010, something to keep an eye on in future as it hopefully grows into a bigger and better party! Gastronomically, no other small city in North America has the quality of restaurants we have per capita, especially, Rundles Restaurant & Bistro, where I am the gay sommelier. Next season, we plan to re-open for what will be our 34th restaurant season on Friday, May 27th, 2011, and close again after services on Saturday, September 24th, 2011. (We are always closed on Monday during our season. Dinners served Tuesday thru Sunday, and lunch served on Saturday and Sunday, and it is best to call me ahead!) If you are planning to visit Stratford, Ontario, in future, please feel free to email me and let me know when you're planning to arrive, and hopefully we can meet for a coffee or a drink. I can also help introduce you to fellow gay business owners/managers throughout town, or better yet, try and entice you to dine at our restaurant and/or bistro! Stratford is gay all the way, you just need to know where to look for it first. Finally, if you are looking to stay in style in Stratford, I also take care of guests whom stay inside our award-winning rental property next door to Rundles, the Rundles Morris House. The House is perfect for one couple, or, two couples to share in style. We rent the House from May thru October. I would be your private chef, and I construct the gayest fruit plates going! Cheers, Richard G. Maloney ([email protected])

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