49M. I'm a real cowboy. I love to ride and rope and swallow. I own an 18 wheeler and am OTR two weeks a month. I enjoy meeting other men at glory holes, truck stops, and bathhouses and sharing our seed.

Denver, Colorado
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  • Hawk's Gym & Spa Commercial Center, Las Vegas


  • RoyCowboy
    RoyCowboy reviewed Hawk's Gym & Spa Over a year ago
    Loves it

    To get the most out of Hawks...............
    I'm from Denver and the bathhouses there are active 24/7 i.e., you can expect action almost around the clock. At Hawks, not so much. There is a time window however, when I've found the place most rewarding. I've started going weekdays between 10AM and 2PM. I go to suck as much cock as I can and swallow gallons of jizz. Many of the patrons who are there during that time frame are men on their lunch break. They're not going to wander around without a purpose. they want a blow job from some cock whore(like me), so the rest of their day is groovy. And I'm glad to do it. With this frame of reference, I can't go wrong. Check it out.