Mitchel Rhose, 26M. I'm 18 looking to go out and have some fun around town.. id really like to go to a club possibly the saloon cos i heard its a nice place to go. i am not religious but do practices witch craft. im into all things spooky and creepy. i work at a Jewish cemetery and am in my last year of high school online schooling and am going to be going to mrc a job training school for custodial work and matenace work. hopefully i can past the test and get my boiler licences. don't have a reason or plan of why im going to MRC job training school, but its free and this is just too good to pass up. i'm looking forward to get to know the gay community and see whats out there. i think this site will give me things to do or go to. i really am interested in the lgbt talk and also going to camp outs and anything nature. i see that the Minnesota university in dinky town has some lgbt related thing, haven't been to that town alot but i know its a really nice place. you guys should chat me guys, im usually always online. oh im also really big in hemp. i do many papers on how hemp will stop deforestation and also am a very big marijuana activist.

Crystal, Minnesota
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5 Loved Places


  • The Saloon Downtown Minneapolis, Minneapolis
  • The Mystic Dream East Bay/Walnut Creek, Walnut Creek
  • North Star Gay Rodeo Association St. Paul, St. Paul
  • Centers for Equality Downtown, Sioux Falls