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  • Bar Frida y Restaurante Zona Romantica, Puerto Vallarta


  • Roberto5
    Roberto5 reviewed Bar Frida y Restaurante Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Too Smokey with too many boozers
    I was there having a nice conversation with a friend about a recent trip I took to Nicaragua. I stayed in a 6 US dollar hotel and a local guy I met in Nicaragua heard where I was staying and considered it high end! We laughed a bit over anyone thinking a 6 dollar hotel was upscale in any country. At this, some horrible gringo queen sitting next to us said THAT ISN'T FUNNY! I DON'T LAUGH AT THE UNFORTUNATE! We tried to ignore this fool and continue our conversation, which was none of his business anyway. The problem is the bar attracts nasty drunks and the smoke is thick, it makes your clothes smell bad. Another gringo here went on a rant screaming loudly against gay militants stating he is in the closet in Idaho, Of course, it it were not for gay militants, this bar would have been closed! If you want to meet losers, Frida is the place.