55M. I am a 50 year old guy. I live in St. Matthew's, just out side, right next to Louisviile. Out city works closly with that a lot. I enjoy phtography very much. I am a larger guy, and tall, so I guess that I am referred to as a "Bear". LOL! I have been married, and god was it a mistake. I should have not hated myself to much, maybe I would have come out sooner. But thats another story. I have a pet Parakeet. (If you can truly refer to a bird as a Pet.) He is very temperamental. I am bipolar II, and rapid cycle. Have been in treatment over 25 years, and doing fairly well. But its been a long road. I do not drink or smoke. And I do not take illegal drugs. I am not a prude, its just where I am.

Louisville, Kentucky
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    I lived in Old Louisville a few years ago. I was under a wrong impression of TBs at first. There were a few people in my building, that went there, and they loved the place. I was not out of the closet yet, so I stayed clear, But I can tell you, based on what they, and others have said, I would go there now if I still lived down there. Its not the best area, but not the worse either. Its been there a LONG time, and out lived some other places. And its a place that from what I understand people are welcomed. And the older crowd have a place to go. My best to TBs.