Roxie Sims, 64MTF. Single Bi_Sensual Male who desires to express my female spirit when dressed "CD"seeking FWB & the mutual company of others with the same mind-set or life style of living find me on Facebook Also willing to do MEN dressed as Roxie with select guys Tops And Ladies most welkum

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    ABQ email alerts update
    Update update I am raising my Review to 4 1/2 STARS for the Albuquerque Social Club I appreciate Anthony's efforts to correct an error in my email So I am now receiving SOCH email updates Woo hoo 2U Update I did go to the Club at the end of January paid my club fee for 2016 & signed up for the news letter I wonder when they are sent out..? So I am upping my Star rating to 3 1/2 stars I have been searching for what days have what events Like when are Drag nites & what is the price for tickets I have searched the ABQ Social club on FB unable to discover what I am looking for to uncover I did receive a response that you are required to join & sign up for the news letter for details on events Thanks see above update thanks