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  • The Gaslamp Bed & Breakfast West End, Provincetown


  • Randy
    Randy reviewed The Gaslamp Bed & Breakfast Over a year ago
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    fabuous place to stay in this town
    Provincetown (P-town) Is beautiful small gay town, however there were just way too many people in a small area. The only positive thing was Romeos to get away from the crowds. When I made the reservations, all we cared about was a reasonably priced B&B to sleep in, take a shower, and hang out for awhile. We thought Romeos was paradise. We felt right at home the moment we arrived. We had the most beautiful weather. The people for the most part in town were very friendly. If you want the full effects of Ptown, go off season and stay with New Friends at Romeos. Aside from possibly the best beaches of all cape cod, there are great restaurants, awesome night clubs and drag shows, and it was fun to just people watch.