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  • Black Eagle Gay Village, Toronto
  • Pegasus Bar Gay Village, Toronto
  • Woody's Gay Village, Toronto


  • RacerPacer
    RacerPacer reviewed Woody's Over a year ago
    Hates it

    The Gay Cheers
    Probably the most polished neighbourhood bar on the strip. Owners and management continually invest in decor - and they do a good job of it. Their icon is a Rhino and examples of it are throughout. Attached bar, Sailor has a nautical theme. Busy, with a wide demographic, Known for its drag shows and events, after work crowd and the place to start your evening, Some shows are worth sticking around for the rest of the night. Popular for tourists. Staff range from friendly, to those who seem only interested in your tips. The music is typical and unimaginative.

  • RacerPacer
    RacerPacer reviewed Black Eagle Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Best Music On Church Street
    A cruise bar w/ the best music on Chuch. You'll hear a little bit of any music depending on the bar tender. Staff are very friendly. Top patio cruisy and you can smoke. Theme nights, BBQs and so on.

  • RacerPacer
    RacerPacer reviewed Pegasus Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Feel like Knocking the balls around?
    Friendly, well kept establishment that offers billiards (tables are good & even), darts, NTN, pinball and video games on Church Street in the Village. Gay & lesbi mix. I don't think they have drag shows and Karaoke there as mentioned in the description though. Only downside to the place may be the long flight of stairs you have to travel up.