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    Recent visit to Jaxx, September 2012 - avoid at all costs
    I recently visited Berlin (w/e of 07/09/12 to 10/09/12), and visited the Jaxx, and I must say it certainly lives up to its reputation! I first visited late afternoon on Friday 07/09/12 and the staff member was very pleasant, however, when I returned for another visit on the Monday following, the person (looked of Turkish origin?) serving at the counter was unbelievably off-hand, haughty (yes –in a back-street sex club!!!) and unpleasant! In fact, he even refused me entry on the grounds that ‘it was not possible today’, but I believe that it was because I was fashionably enough dressed! But then, who wears Armani to a place like this? Going back to the Friday visit, I can’t say that I was overly impressed - the entrance price was too much for what was on offer – quite literally not a lot – the place was almost empty! A surprise for a Friday evening in a large city – where were all those men wanting some entertainment??? Subjective of course, but the videos were boring, the music run-of-the mill, the kabins tiny, the lighting very harsh in places, the drinks in the machine were somewhere in the region of 20% over-priced, and the larger back room unimaginative - you can only have sex standing up, there is little thought given to comfort etc. I can only imagine that the Jaxx now has such a reputation for the rudenmess of the staff and the over-charging for mediocrity that this can only account for the place being empty for what should otherwise be a busy evening...it certainly was busy in other such venues nearby that same evening! It is just a pity that the owners/ staff are blind to the fact that this is a venue in need of some new thinking and ceratinly a replacement of staff who remember that the customer pays their wages. Overall, I would rate this plce as a one out of five, to be avoided at all costs!