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  • Kobalt Central Phoenix, Phoenix


  • PianoBarConnoisseu
    PianoBarConnoisseu reviewed Kobalt Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Beautiful Setting, But Not Much Else Going for It
    I have been to Kobalt twice now. I am done. The first time I went, I saw Three Olives Cherry Vodka on the shelf, so I asked for a cherry drop martini. The bartender looked at me and said, "How do you make that?" So, I opted for a Cosmo thinking that would be easier. It was the WORST Cosmo I ever tasted -- so much so that I gave it away. It could have been used as paint-thinner. I returned with a group of friends to experience their "piano bar" on a Saturday night. FALSE ADVERTISING! It is not "piano bar" -- it's some guy at the piano playing background music. No one sang -- not the piano player, and not any of the patrons. In fact, at one point, the pianist started playing "Over the Rainbow" and NO ONE SANG ALONG! Clearly, the place should lose its gay card. (Note: Perhaps no one sang because the tune was being played in a key suitable only for Ethel Merman.) In spite of our disappointment with the music, we thought we would enjoy a few cocktails while sitting outside on the patio. It took FOREVER for our server to even take our order. And, once the first-round was served, he was nowhere to be found again. But, I guess that was just-as-well, as the drinks were horrible yet again. Not one of us in our group of nine thought our drinks were well-mixed. So, after lousy drinks, horrific service, and disappointing entertainment, we left and went to Amsterdam. At least they know how to mix a good martini there.