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  • FEZ Central Phoenix, Phoenix


  • PhooD
    PhooD reviewed FEZ Over a year ago
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    At these sister restarants (Fez, Switch & TiCoz) the best part is the alcohol. Remember, someone else bottled the ETOH, and the mixologists have ample room for error. The efforts toward sophisticated, well, are efforts. For example, a one can pour cinnamon on canned pears, but they are still tragically canned. The processed chicken, bay shrimp, and other meats are flavorless. Such ingredients are inappropriately prepared; for instance, my seafood pasta was a few items arranged in a pseudo-artistic manner. The flavors had just met when the items were stacked. A chef knows that the chemistry occurs when items are heated together. (Heck, my FWBs recognize that, too). Each in this trio of eateries strives for the title "Urban." At this, I send my caution: true urbanites beware, lower your culinarly expectations, have a drink, and a second, then, go out to eat...