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  • PhilAK
    PhilAK reviewed Molly Moggs Over a year ago
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    Molly Moggs you need to sort yourselves out
    I was told by the barstaff at Molly Moggs that they have karaoke on Fridays and Saturdays, and that anyone can perform. Well, I went along on Saturday night to perform karaoke and I was turned away for no good reason. If I get treated like that at Halfway to Heaven on Monday night, then it is all off for gay people. Basically, if I get the same treatment on Monday night at Halfway to Heaven, all gay people can forget about coming to my shows, Lady Gaga's shows, Madonna's shows, Kylie's shows, Charlotte Church's shows, Katy Perry's shows and Rihanna's shows. Because, if you treat me with that level of disrespect, there are serious consequences.