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  • Felix's Atlanta Midtown, Atlanta


  • Patrick1
    Patrick1 reviewed Felix's Atlanta Over a year ago
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    Trailer Trash?
    That is where you are wrong my friend. This is a neighborhood bar. The crowd lives in the surrounding neighborhoods where you cant touch a home for under 500K. Trailer trash couldn't afford to live there. I think perhaps you are one of those snotty little twinks that spends their whole paycheck on a pair of jeans and live in a 2 bedroom apartment with 6 friends! Then you have the audacity to think you are fabulous? LOL To be honest Felix's is one of the few bars in the city where there are no fakes. It's time you took your petulance down the street to one of the other fake bars and throw your attitude around there. I for one (but I'm sure everyone else would agree) don't want nor do we need your type around. You serve no purpose to begin with. Thanks again for visiting our quaint establishment but, thank you more for leaving. I wonder how you know what constitutes "trailer trash" did you have a lot # included in your address while growing up? I bet you did!!!!!!!!!