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  • The Cuckoo's Nest Centrum, Amsterdam


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    PasqualeC reviewed The Cuckoo's Nest Over a year ago
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    Rude Old barman
    i was there many many times in 29years here in Holland but the last time i was there the old barman was very rude ,i asked for a drink and he said that maybe i can wait ,i waited and waited until i finish he s conversation with a young friend of him then told me that if i did not be more patient i would to go out of his bar because he did not like how i look at him ,this append on a sunday afternoon aroud 15 o clock it was not busy i dont know why did i have to wait ,i think is getting to old to serve in a gay bar i know him from all the years and his still as rude as ever i wacht him going at other guys and scream at them just beacause they must buy a drink before going down stairs , in ducht we say ,Wat een Lul ,i still feel offended by him