William Zamora, 91M. I'm a world traveler, have been for many years. I prefer going on a cruise than by air. Have been in some films as well on TV. I was also a dancer which has kept me young looking. My partner met me at a production where I was the leading dancer. We are film buffs for we own about 3000 films as well as records and CDs. My partner was a disc jockey in Hollywood thus why we clicked and still together for 50 plus yrs. Unfortunately, my partner is no longer able to take long walks due to painful arthiritis and other symptoms. I still full of energy and most people don't believe me when I tell them my true age. Yes, I look and act much younger. My spirit, body and soul are that of a young man despite having white hair and blue eyes, I still dance to the admiration of those who get to dance with me as well those who watch me.

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