Panty Slut, 55M. m.m.m.m..m..m.m.....I love to dress in sexy lingerie... like...Pink g-string panties....lacy white crotchless or pink waist corsets.....ah.h h..h.h.....and skimpy little garter belts and black, I love to be molested and forced to front of a rock hard cock!!!!!! If a man dresses me in makes me so.o.o.o.o..Horney..IMMEDIATELY!!!! Looking for someone to share in dressing up...and also, looking for someone to make me his "Submissive-panty-whore-cock-slut-slave!!!!!" A guy who will molest me and pull my panties down while rubbing my make me take his cock deep in my he slides his finger or dildo in my...a...h..h.h.h.h...... No judgmental or pissy attitudes. Only serious respondents please.

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