Carole Anne Allen, 65T. SHORT VERSION I am a mature, feminine, bisexual Transvestite. When En Femme I like to adopt a feminine personality & identity, and enjoy assuming a feminine role. I like to think of myself as a confident, poised & elegant lady, & wish to be treated as such. LONG VERSION I am a genuine, mature, bisexual, feminine transvestite, and have been crossdressing for many years- since my early teens. I like to dress fully- complete with wig, makeup, perfume, accessories and high heels- the full works! Whilst En Femme I adopt a feminine personality and enjoy taking on a feminine role and identity. I undergo a complete transformation of mind and body- I become Carole! I am proud to be part of the transgendered community and am happy to show my face in my pictures. My images are fully dressed, and I do not post pornographic images and have no wish to do so. I love to cast off my masculine persona, along with my male attire, release the woman within me, and wholeheartedly adopt a feminine personality and identity as Carole Anne. I feel very comfortable, relaxed and confident in my role as Carole in a way that I never feel in my masculine persona. I regard myself as a transvestite rather than a transsexual, as I have no wish to permanently alter my body. I just enjoy being Carole, and I strive to be a confident, poised, elegant, feminine lady. I may not be female in body, but I am a Woman in spirit- What I like to call a Virtual Woman. Not quite the real thing- but a woman in essence! I like to present myself as a woman- and be treated as such! Best Wishes, Carole Anne.

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