32M. I just love to have a good time, avid dancer, light weight drinker lol

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    P0PR0XNCOK3 reviewed Blur Over a year ago
    Loves it

    LOVE IT!
    The best mix of music! Always packed dance floor, if you like to dance this is the place to go! The top floor is more of a lounge, bathrooms are an issue, ALWAYS A LINE and they're pretty gross. I dont really care about the staff the bartenders are hot and chatty. GOOD DRINKS! Heavy pours and CHEAP ;)

    P0PR0XNCOK3 reviewed South Beach Over a year ago
    Hates it

    After 3 years...im bored.
    If you like house/dance this is the ONLY club worth going to in town. That said it does have its drawbacks...super packed on saturdays, if your a smoker you have to brave the elements on the patio, the drinks are standard no over pouring here. Use to be a good mix of people now its just a bunch of queens running around like they own the place giving you dirty looks. The dance floor gets so packed you can barely dance of Saturdays. Its a great place to take a group of friends and just act a fool though.

    P0PR0XNCOK3 reviewed Bayou City Bar & Grill Over a year ago
    Hates it

    I can do without
    This place use to be good! Now not so much. There are TONS of minors drinking which wouldnt be SUCH a big deal if they wouldnt get into fights all the time! Its gets PACKED on fridays and there is always at least 1 fight a night. Go for the cheap drinks skip the nasty bathroom and enjoy watching people get arrested. :)