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    Hopefully better next time..
    It was my first visit to the club the other day, which happened to be a saturday. Before this I had never been with a man, only women; but I had been thinking about it lately and was curious so I decided to check out the club. I must have been more anxious than I realized cause I was the first person there, lol, It really is a neat, exciting atmosphere. I have nothing bad to say about the club at all, lots of mazes and booths, and I just walked around aimlessly and explored for a while til more people showed up. It got more exciting as the night went on, and it was great meeting people and "interacting." As I said, I had never been with a man, so I gave and received head for the first time from a man, and it was pretty exciting. Although, there was a really creepy, off-putting guy that kept following me and would not leave me alone. Also, a lot of the guys were just stand around waiting for something to happen. So it was kind of boring at times. Ill have to come back when it is later and see if there is a better crowd. All I know is: I will be back :)