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  • Fiesta y Bar Jolie Palermo, Buenos Aires


  • OMC
    OMC reviewed Fiesta y Bar Jolie Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Funtastic, chilled, exciting!
    Every time I go to Fiesta Jolie, I feel like coming back! There's always a new theme, so it keeps refreshing every week. There's a mixed LGBT and so on crowd, thats one of the warmest I've seen in a while. The organizers always have cool activities or games and awesome artists. Last time, for example, they were giving away an awesome home-style stew, there was an art show, a ping-pong championship and even a hairdresser recreating everyone's styles. The DJs are awesome and keep the crowd sweating their asses off, hahaha. So, with all this and more, you see the daylight and wonder how did time swift by! Two thumbs up!!! And many xoxo