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  • The Cock East Village, New York
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    Had A GREAT Time!
    This is a response to the review by Queen Elizabeth who was offended by the "prostitutes" at this bar.  Hey, Mr. Gorgeous-and-successful, didn't you notice that this place is called "The Cock"?  Even if you didn't bother to read any reviews, that should have been a dead giveaway that this is a dive bar.  You're planning to call the BBB??  Lol, do you think they might lose a membership or something?  If you want a luncheon at the Waldorf, I suggest you go there instead. - For those of you who are more realistic, if you can appreciate a place that's a little more sleazy, then GO.  We went on a weekend in March.  The dancers came out after midnight, and they really inspired the crowd.  Within an hour, things started to heat up.  Shortly thereafter, it was almost "anything goes," and a good time was had by all.  Oh, and if there were any hookers in the vicinity, I never saw any evidence of it.  Maybe they were too busy hunting for for guys who were more succesful and good looking.