Nikki Wild, 62M. I dressed up for the first time at the young age of 11. By age 12 it was all I thought about doing. I surely did not want to play baseball, go fishing, play marbles or any of that stuff. No, instead I wore my sister's makeup, clothes, heels and my mothers wigs until my hair grew out. First time "out of the house" dressed up was age 15 and I absolutely loved the attention and the way I felt so I continued to do it getting better at it and 100% addicted. I knew I was Gay by the time I was 14. My sister was the first to know of all my activity (as well as a few neighbors lol). Anyway, I like any Drag Queen/T.S./T.G./C.D. Gurl could go on and on but I'll save you today and just hope you like what I had to say in such a little area. Maybe we will talk or even cross paths someday. But for now, may your days be filled with joy (and gorgeous men)....

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