Francisco Olivares, 32M. My name is Frankie, its not my real name, but its what i go by the most, and most everyone knows me by it. I am basically a good guy. i try to help people when/where i can. i seem to care more about others than myself. Im generally pretty honest, im not gonna say i don't lie, but i try my best not to. Family and friends are really important to me. I am what you might call a Nerd, which is totally cool, because i like being a nerd. I enjoy scifi and fantasy things, i like to watch anime and play various video games, I am a devoted Yu-Gi-Oh player as well as a Pokemon player. I like all kinds of movies, generally scifi and horror but also a good action or drama too. I am creative at times. I can draw and paint and write poetry and short stories. i sometimes get into photography and video editing. i used to play piano, but im out of practice, i should start up again. For the most part, i am pretty logical, i like to see things from as many points of view as i can to get the whole story and see the big picture. i try to understand everything that i can and remain as unbiased as i possibly can. Yes I am Gay. I am open about it and am proud to be Gay. I came out officially a little over a year ago. I have various different tastes in music, im a songs kind of guy more than a band or genre, if i like a song then i like it, doesn't mean i like everything by that particular artist or everything in that genre.

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