Neale Henry, 58M. A bit of a wallflower, I enjoy good conversation at certain times, I guess I have to be in the mood for it. I like going out with people but I get bored easily. I am a non-smoker I will have one drink socially maybe two but I am not a drinker. I like people who enjoy themselves but who are not too rowdy and I get embarrassed easily. My tastes are eclectic. When someone is speaking to me it seems that I drift away but I am not really drifting, it's just that I remained silent until you're done speaking and I'm thinking a lot about what you said it may look like I'm ignoring you but I really am not. I am a very quiet person and I am not ignoring you when we speak........really! Please do not be offended. I guess my point is that I'm a very quiet person. Oh yes.......and one thing........please do not assume that I'm stupid and try to act upon that assumption. If given the opportunity, I can be a great friend and a long lasting friend. If you're interested and want to know what I'm about, please look me up on Facebook. My name is Neale Roger Henry.

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