James Perez, 42.

Orlando, Florida
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5 Loved Places


  • Hank's Bar North Orlando, Orlando
  • Barcodes Orlando Downtown, Orlando
  • Tampa Mens Club Drew Park, Tampa
  • NAtinama
    NAtinama reviewed Barcodes Orlando Over a year ago
    Loves it

    The Patio is fun if you are fit you can have a lot of fun. We are trying to keep away the trolls but still some fun. Sometime you play and the watch but it is still ok. big tool and hot bodies are the cluie to have fun there.

  • NAtinama
    NAtinama reviewed Tampa Mens Club Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Empty bathouse
    Hi, I was there today with my bf and there were only 4 guys over 250 pounds and over 60's years old. What a waste of time of money. I hope people become more honest about the reviews on here. Friday night btw 9pm and only trolls walking around. We are in our vacations and we will try tomorrow the Ybor bathouse. If you look like a regular person you have nothing to do on there. This place is for nasty ugly people driving a nice cars with money to waste. 32 dollars for each one of us, we are still horny and with 64 dollars less in our wallets. Do not be foolish with this reviews. The adm need to go down in prices to keep the business busy. The place is clean and nice but empty.

  • NAtinama
    NAtinama reviewed Hank's Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    NIce place to have some fun
    is any day or time when hot guys go to Hanks ? i have only see old, trolls, and fat guys.