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    Assaulted by straight Micky's employee
    Last night, Sunday July 22, I was assaulted by an employee at Micky's. I was walking through the bar, along the side where the dancers perform, and a woman shoved me. I turned around and said, "excuse you," and asked why she pushed me. She began mouthing off to me and then the dancer she standing in front of leaned down and got involved. He began cussing me out and shouting at me. I told him that it didn't involve him and was between the woman and me. Security came over to find out what was going on and in that moment, the dancer reached down and slapped me across the face. The head of security was called over, he asked me to step outside with him to talk. When outstide, he told me that I was not going to be allowed back in the bar. He informed me that the woman is the gorlfriend of the dancer who assaulted me. I told him that I was going to call the police and file charges of battery against their employee. He said that the dancers are independent contactors and not employees of the bar and I had every right to call the police if that's what I chose to do. He also told me that I could speak to Aaron, the Bar Manager, if I wanted to but that he was not there last night and I would have to wait until Monday afternoon to call the bar after 5pm to talk to him. Obviously he doesn't understand that in California, any person who is contracted to do work at a place of business (whether it be temporary or permanent, independent contractor or direct hire) is a legal agent of that establishment and is considered an employee. I immediately contacted 911 to report the assault and the 911 Operater, Jackson, asked me to call back on the non-emergency line. I called her back and she told me it would be over an hour before they could get an officer to the bar. As I waited, the person in charge of the dancers came out and asked if I could point out to him which employee it was who assaulted me. I was allowed back in the bar, I pointed out the dancer who struck me and then escorted back outside. Apparently, no one wanted to fess up and tell who it was who had committed the assault, so they needed me to come back in and point him out. The Sheriff's deputies finally arrived at about 1:15am (incidentally, the Sheriff's department is directly across the street from Micky's) by which time the employee had already finished his shift and left the bar. The officer took my information, I gave her my report of the incident, she talked to the head of security and another person wearing a headset who I'm assuming was the Manager, and then let me know that she would be filing the report for battery and investigators would be talking to the employee. What really irritated me about this whole incident, aside from actually being assaulted by their employee, was that no one at anytime apologized to me for what had taken place. The head of security never apologized, the guy in charge of the dancers never apologized, no one did. I was completely disregarded, the staff made it very clear that they just didn't care about the customer. While I waited for the police, everytime a staff member came outside and saw that I was still standing there, they would immediately look away so as not to make eye contact with me. In my book, this is extremely disrespectful. When the police left, I even took it upon myself to go up to the person who I assumed was a Manager there and told him that it was nothing personal and that I wish it didn't have to come to that. He spoke at me (I say at me, because while we talked, he never looked me in the eye, he looked around me, over me, even when he offered his hand to shake he didn't look at me) and said it was no problem, but again never offered an apology for his employee's actions. I will never return to Micky's and I have informed all my family and friends who live in the area to do the same. The support I've received from friends, family and fellow veterans (yes I am a combat veteran of the Navy) has been overwhelming and I hope Micky's will take a second, more serious, look at who they hire.