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  • Missie B's Midtown - Westport, Kansas City
  • Sidekick's Saloon Midtown - Westport, Kansas City
  • Sidestreet Bar & Grill Midtown - Westport, Kansas City


  • Mrrussia
    Mrrussia reviewed Hydes Guesthouse Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Bed Bugs, and Syphillus,.... Sure come on Down
    If you are into Fisting and Someon watching youthru holes in the Wall, this is your kind of place. I do not recommend this place. I got an STD here. and had my car broken into outside this place. DO NOT STAY HERE. unless thats you thing. Oh they dont like Blacks either.

  • Mrrussia
    Mrrussia reviewed Sidekick's Saloon Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Fun Country and GAY
    Puts Missy B's to SHAME... Definite place to play in KC, Dont miss it.

  • Mrrussia
    Mrrussia reviewed Sidestreet Bar & Grill Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Good PLace to Go
    I had been told to Skip this Place, and Im Glad I dont listen to others opinions too Well. If youre tired of DRAG Queens and attitude of Missy B BArtenders, check this Place out. This is a Mans BAr. Good Drinks, Good Staff, Good Atmosphere. Definite place to Visit in KC

  • Mrrussia
    Mrrussia reviewed Buddies Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Comfortable, Friendly Neighborhood feel,....
    Walked into this BAr and had three people say Hi, Are you new in Town,... Never seen you before, Im,"_____. now thats what I call a welcome. Had a Few Drinks there and had to go,... Bartenders are friendly and said hope to see you soon,... Now thats why they are a Fun Neighborhood Bar. YES, we will definitly be back. thanks

  • Mrrussia
    Mrrussia reviewed Missie B's Over a year ago
    Hates it

    I am a Resident over 8 Years from the UK here in the Valentine District. . I have noticed in the Last Few Months, EXTREME Rude Bartenders, and Tacky Insults to new comers to Kansas City, especially during Happy hour. Be CAUTIOUS when entering this Place and Carry Cash ONLY. The Drag Shows are tiresome,... How Much CHER and Dolly can you stomach. Dolly hasnt had a hit in YEars and would probably never come into a cash Bar, and Cher has had 2 Flop Movies lately and would probably slap the Queeny BArtenders in this Place and get an Award for it. NO Missy B's is not the only Game in Town. There are alot of Gay and Non Gay Bars in the Midtown, Westport area that Use Cash and Credit( a more updated form of Currency), with Fun, Happy , Friendly Bartenders. Thanks.