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  • JR's Montrose, Houston
  • Tony's Corner Pocket Fourth Ward, Houston


  • MontroseMuscle
    MontroseMuscle reviewed Tony's Corner Pocket Over a year ago
    Loves it

    TOURISTS: Go here! One of the BEST clubs ....
    1. Bartenders. EXCELLENT. The best in Houston; they match the professionals at the BRB or at the Montrose Mining Company! The bartenders at Tony's are always on point and recognize your drink the second time you purchase. GREAT customer service. 2. Dancers. INCREDIBLE. You will not find cuter, gay, str8 and bi dancers in Houston. And lets be honest here, JR's, SOBE and the Mine do NOT have gay or bi dancers --- their dancers are all straight. The dancers at Tony's are both in and out of shape guys ... and I LIKE THIS. Not all gay men have six packs, its good to see guys with a higher BMI stripping. Tourists, you will love the dancers here - they are fantastic. 3. The outdoor patio. Wonderful. 4. The bathroom. VERY clean with a nice big sign that says: NO DRUGS. And they mean it. 5. The owner? Never met the owner of JR's or SOBE you say? Amazing. The owner of Tony's is Tony's and I met him the FIRST time I came here. He is an incredibly nice man, with a HUGE smile on his face when he shakes your hand. Not only did Tony know me the SECOND time I came to TCP, but he came back to our table, introduced himself and asked up if everything was ok. I've never, ever seen a barclub owner do such a thing, come up, say hello, grab your shoulder and honestly want to know if your having a good time. Tony shows how CUSTOMER SERVICE is conducted in a gay bar environment. What? You say you never saw the owner of JR's or SOBE before? You won't. TOURISTS: if you are coming to Houston for the first time, visit Tony's Corner Pocket. It's not as pretty as Meteor or JR's or South Beach, and you wont have the high-minded, prissy, pendantic, brandwhore, rich, gay, white guys saching about with their martini's ... but real Texans (who are gay) dressed in blue jeans, boots and cowboy hats, ballcaps and tight t-shirts, the way God intended. TCP's is the best in Houston for customer service. Dont miss the drag show or strip contest!

  • MontroseMuscle
    MontroseMuscle reviewed South Beach Over a year ago
    Hates it

    HORRID! Go to Blur ... or the BRB!
    1. Rude staff. The jerkbutt, asswipe, goosefart, overbearing loudmouth at the front door who screams out "GET OUR YOUR ID OR YOU GO TO THE BACK OF THE LINE? LIKE FREEZING OUT HERE? WELL DONT HAVE YOUR ID OUT MY FRIEND!" [ I was in the Army for six years and the bedstain at the front door doesn't even rate a 'huh?' ] 2. Rude Bartenders. WHERE in the world did the "JR's Family" get these people? Almost every bartender (except for a cute blond kid on the back bar) seem to have the same body language as the apparatchiks at JR's: GO AWAY. Rude f----g bartenders. 3. BAD music. The music at SOBE is bad, very bad. The remixes are not even top 40, 20 or 30, but combination (read: cheap) remixes that you have never heard. Madonnarama was a joke (and a waste of a good $25). Fire the DJ! 4. Straight girls! The straight girls take over the dance floor after midnight! Run for your lives! They wear their big, gawdy Louis Vitton purses on their shoulder ( which have a tendancy to hit you in the FACE ), high heels ( which feel wonderful striking your foot ), and loud obnoxious behavior. [ "OMG! OMG! OMG, like I just LUUUUUV my gay men! OMG OMG! ] Str8 women, we love you ... but please, stay at your own bars. 5. Str8 Dick Dancers. ... who scope out the str8 girls at the clubs. I love this. Str8 men at a gay club who are nearly naked. Why not gay men as dick dancers? GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! SOBE is a joke. Its the worst club in Houston we've ever been to. And, if you read the other reviews here, dont get me started on the "18+ night" where the tweekers come in and run rampant over the club. No thanks. We no longer go to SOBE, unless we are dragged their by our str8 friends. I would rather stay at home with lube, porn and poppers....

  • MontroseMuscle
    MontroseMuscle reviewed Guava Lamp Over a year ago
    Loves it

    ... actually a great bar with nice bartenders!!!
    I was expecting this place to be the usual liberal establishment: * rich * white * gay * urbane * artsy * stuffed shirt types ... but was not at all. Good looking, sweet, devoted bartenders (but HIGH priced drinks) and a great crowd *any* night of the week. The only problem is that Guava seems to draw only white guys; we never see hispanic or black guys there.

  • MontroseMuscle
    MontroseMuscle reviewed Bayou City Bar & Grill Over a year ago
    Hates it

    ... it was great when it was ANITA'S ...
    I went into Bayou City Grill, and like JR's the staff had the same attitude: GO AWAY. Questions about food ( we were used to the GREAT food that Anita Bump's had back when it was a drag bar ) led to a bartender tossing us a menu and stating the following: "...all we have is fried food tonight. Sorry." Uh, no thanks. The drink prices are expensive and now their is an entry fee! WTF. No thanks. Instead of going to this place, go to the Hollywood porn store in the same shopping center, buy some lube, porn and "VCR head cleaner" and head back to your hotel for fun. Someone ... PLEASE buy out Bayou City Bar and Grilll and bring back ANITA's! Please!

  • MontroseMuscle
    MontroseMuscle reviewed JR's Over a year ago
    Hates it

    .... POOR customer service, expensive drinks....
    I have lived in Houston all my life and JR's was my first bar to go to. At first, it was the greatest bar in the world, where I met my first boyfriend. However, over the years, the "edginess", fun, vitality and "gayness" of JR's left, to be replaced by overpriced drinks, butthole bartenders (not all, but most) and the WORST dick dancers in the country: good looking, big schlonged men with absolutely no sense of decorum. I and my boyfriend are not old trolls, nor do we search out dick dancers. But we noticed over the years, the young men they hire all have the same body language: GO AWAY. JR's is really for the gay monied crowd - the gay attorneys, doctors and $100,000+ crowd that seem to inhabit the entrance when you walk in. The body language of the A-listers here is always: GO AWAY. The only place that I have found comfortable at JR's is the pool table where the normal people stand. Both sides of the bar seem to be inhabited by the trendy brand whores that stand in the middle of the aisles, drunk, with their drunk str8 girlfriends ( which is, the same for South Beach "the night club" which is now more str8 than gay on the weekends! ) All that JR's needs to change their "GO AWAY" attitude is a change in the owners mentality: start by treating the gay community with respect - lower the drink prices, hire bartenders and dick dancers that have great customer service skills that SMILE, fire the old guys that SCOWL everytime you order a drink and get RID of the straight dick dancers in favor of gay men with great bodies.