Jackie Blue, 63. I am a "functional" transvestite. It does not define me, it is a part of who I am. I am very content with how my feminine alter ego co-exists with family, business and everyday life. I enjoy going out but in no way am I concerned about "passing" or trying to 'fool' anyone. My style of dress does not lend itself to "blending in" and I prefer to dress the way I want to dress...Jackie

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  • Mother Lode West Hollywood, West Hollywood
  • BS West Scottsdale, Scottsdale
  • The Cash Nightclub & Lounge Central Phoenix, Phoenix


  • MissJackieBlue
    MissJackieBlue reviewed The Cash Nightclub & Lounge Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Girls Are Good!
    I have been here many times and always treated wonderfully even when asking which restroom to use. Either one, we don't care! Plus Peggy is a doll.

  • MissJackieBlue
    MissJackieBlue reviewed Cruisin'7th Over a year ago
    Loves it

    The original T-girl bar. I don't go here as often as I once did but when I do, it's like going home after being on a long vacation. Everyone is so happy just to see you.

  • MissJackieBlue
    MissJackieBlue reviewed Micky's Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Not What I Expected
    I had really high hopes for Micky's after reading reviews here and visiting their website. While it was not a negative visit and the doorman was absolutely sweet and charming to us, it was not what I would call a "lounge" in any way, shape or form. It was Friday after 9pm and the upstairs was not open and there was not a chair in the building. I don't mean a chair to sit on, I mean a chair at all! What lounge has no seating? Everyone was having a great time, the atmosphere was upbeat and I was able to get to the bar and get drinks rather quickly. While I was up at the bar several men had approached the lady I was with and questioned our availability. While I have never shied away from attention, the vibe was a little too pressured for our tastes. Not being familiar with the WeHo clubs, it may be that this is the reputation of Micky's and if you are into the "meat" market theme, this may be your place. We had one drink and left going next door to Fiesta Cantina.

  • MissJackieBlue
    MissJackieBlue reviewed Rio Azul Mexican Bar & Grill Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Oh So Classy
    A friend and I stopped here on our way from Phoenix to West Hollywood for lunch. Even though it was 100 degrees the outside bar was full of people and not a soul including any staff was inside. As neither of us was dressed to sit outside in the muggy heat, after visiting the ladies room I flagged down a passing waiter as he went by headed for the kitchen. I asked if we could still sit inside and he said absolutely while seating us at any table we preferred. He was so charming and accomodating even as he had to continue waiting on people outside while running back and forth to the kitchen for their food orders. He returned quickly with our drinks as well as our food which was excellent in every way. We ordered what he recommended and everything was just as he said it would be. There are shows on certain nights including that Friday and I almost wanted to stay over in Palm Springs just to go! I would highly recommend Azul for dinner, dates, shows or just cocktails and conversation.

  • MissJackieBlue
    MissJackieBlue reviewed Fiesta Cantina Over a year ago
    Loves it

    A Party on The Patio
    This was the last place we went to on Friday night so we were feeling pretty good when we walked in. The place was packed and we walked through looking for a spot to sit as we intended to order some appetizers with drinks. The atmosphere reminds me of some of the beach lounges in Oahu with everybody just having a great time. It is kind of loud and people are making a lot of noise so it is perfect for later in the evening when you are feeling a bit "happier" as we were. I was really impressed when a doorman or bouncer sitting off to the side asked if we ladies were looking for a table. He proceeded to find us a nice table in the front patio area moving some unused chairs around for us to sit on. Employees like that are golden and often go unnoticed. We ordered drinks and food, both of which were excellent and when I ordered a later round, the waiter asked if I wanted to wait a few minutes for happy hour which was also a very nice gesture. While it is not as upscale as some of the other places, Fiesta Cantina is another place that should not be missed when in West Hollywood, especially if you are trying to not spend all your cash in one night.

  • MissJackieBlue
    MissJackieBlue reviewed Mother Lode Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Not On My "To Do" List
    I went to West Hollywood to visit the different nightspots and escape the heat in Phoenix last weekend and after reading the reviews this was one of the places I had on my "To Do" list. I was with a genetic lady and we wandered in at about 9:30pm Saturday night. I was well prepared for being in a "dive" bar but I was not prepared for the rudest gay man I had the displeasure of running into being the man behind the bar. In defense of the bar owners and the customers, one gentleman sitting at the bar apologized and was very pleasant afterwards. With the abundance of places to go in WeHo, we chose to leave and ended up at Here which was right around the corner. We visited seven places over the two days and this was the only negative experience so we still love going to Hollywood.